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Hire a bus with a Driver: Compare Offers and Save!

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Although it may not seem like it, renting a bus can get pretty complicated. There are many providers to choose from, so comparing the offers and services of each one requires a lot of time and research.
CheckMyBus has set out to facilitate this task, saving you time by comparing different services all in one place. Find the ideal means of transport for your next trip, celebration or event, whether for business or leisure.
You can choose from a wide range of modern vehicles and with the highest quality standards, professional staff and top-notch service, at the best prices. Request an online quote without commitment quickly and easily.

Bus Rental Companies in Ireland

Flynn Coaches

  • Day Trips
  • Luxury Coach Hire
  • Airport Transfers
Dublin Minicoaches

  • 7 - 75 seats
  • Park and Ride Services
  • Multi-lingual tour guides
Tony Doyle

  • 16 - 63 seats
  • Executive and Corporate Class
  • VIP Travel

When is it worthwhile to rent a bus?

Of course, you can also rent multiple tickets for a scheduled bus ride, but especially for larger groups, charter buses offer clear advantages. Whoever is organising a group trip will typically ask the following question: From how many people is it worthwhile to rent an entire bus? We assume that starting from about 30 travellers, it is worthwhile to consider a coach charter service. This figure cannot be completely generalised; in some cases, travelling in a specially hired mini or mid-sized bus can already be worthwhile for fewer people. However, either way, it always pays to compare!
However, you should bear in mind that travelling on your own coach doesn’t just bring a price advantage in certain cases. Having your own bus rental and driver allows for a lot of flexibility. You can decide for yourself where to pick up the travellers, and are not tied to fixed timetables, so spontaneous changes in your itinerary are usually no problem. For example, if you would like a small city tour at the destination, you only need to let your driver know.

What is a Private Bus Hire Suitable For?

Rent a bus for weddings, Stag or Hen parties, and more

Group Trips
Hire a bus for city trips and other one-to-two-day short trips

Sports Events
Rent a coach for sporting events and club outings

Airport Transfers
Rent a bus, shuttle or minibus to travel to or from the airport

School Trips
Rent a bus for school trips, kindergarten trips and other excursions

Company Outings
Rent a coach for travel to fairs or conferences and other company events

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I rent a bus?

On CheckMyBus you will find an overview of selected bus companies that offer both national and regional trips. Compare the prices and amenities of each provider and request an individual quote. Simply click on "Request a Quote" and you will be redirected straight to the inquiry forms of each provider, where all you have to do is enter your travel dates. Of course, you can inquire with several providers and get an overview of who is best for your trip. In the end, there is only one thing left to do: book your group trip directly with the bus company.

How far in advance should the reservation be made?

Although an increasing number of companies have reserved vehicles and drivers for the most urgent cases, the general rule is that the sooner you start planning, the greater the variety of offers you’ll have. This will also influence the price, which could be higher if booked at the last moment, or if it’s a time of high demand.

How can I rent a bus?

Although you can also hire a bus without a driver with some providers, this is generally not recommended. Bear in mind that there may be insurance-related problems on a case by case basis. We therefore recommend always renting a bus with driver, so you can relax and enjoy your trip!

Do the rental buses have seat belts in each seat?

All vehicles have seat belts in each of the seats and its use is mandatory for any bus ride, however short it may be. This applies to small and mid-size buses as well, and not wearing your seatbelt can result in having to pay a fine. Your bus driver should also remind you to wear your seatbelt at the beginning of the journey.

Are the rental buses equipped with child seats?

Unlike private cars, rental buses do not require the use of child safety seats. In addition, since most buses still have two-point safety belts, it would not be possible to install them correctly either. We therefore recommend that you inquire with the supplier of your choice to find out which seat belt system is used and whether the company provides child seats or if you need to bring your own. If you cannot bring one, then it is safest for the child to travel in their seat with the seatbelt correctly fastened, or if the child is too small to sit, he or she will have to travel in the arms of an adult for the duration of the trip.

Are the rental buses adapted for wheelchair passengers?

Practically all companies have vehicles adapted for passengers in wheelchairs. While not all have a 100% adapted fleet, it should not be difficult to find. In case you need one of these services, do not forget to communicate this during the budget request so that they can check the specific availability for your travel dates.

Can I travel with my pet on the chartered bus?

Current transport regulations only allow the transport of guide dogs inside the bus room where passengers travel. Those companies that allow the transport of pets, generally require them to travel in the luggage hold in an approved carrier and are fully under the responsibility of the passenger.
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